Suddenly – a golden shovel poem, after The Lumineers, Ho, Hey

I wasn’t searching for you
didn’t know I needed to belong.
Life had taught me — be content with
whatever love had come to me
or hadn’t. Don’t you do that when you’re
older, wiser? I had learned my
lesson well — then you called me sweetheart!



golden shovel – Take a line (or lines) from a poem you like. Use each word as an end word in your poem. Keep the end words in order. Credit the original poet, ie. “-after (poet)”.




Coffee – a haiku sonnet poem

the smell of morning
wakes me from sleep at her side
grounds for a new day

some days are two cups
sipped slowly in the quiet
beneath still- tired eyes

some begin with four
beating hearts, four pairs of hands
wrapped around warm mugs

some I sip alone
dawn to dusk in my silence
love’s taste lingering

my life — like my cup
brimming full and sweet



Haiku Sonnet – a 14-line poetic form consisting of four 3-line haiku plus a couplet of either five or 7 syllables per line. Similarly, a sonnet is made up of fourteen lines.
VARIATION: write fourteen 1-line haiku



The Road – a Byr a Thoddaid poem

I hear its voice at the window.
Siren songs it sings in the willow.
The road keeps calling — echoes on the wind,
and winds on until dawn.
Byr a Toddaid – a 4-line stanza Welsh form consisting of a single quatrain or a series of quatrains, each divided into 2 combined couplets.  One couplet is 2 lines, eight syllables each with an AA end rhyme. The other couplet is 2 lines, one with 10 syllables and an end rhyme NEAR the end, and the other line with 6 syllables with a link to the end word of the 10 syllable line, then an end rhyme that corresponds to the end rhyme in the same 10 syllable line. The link is near the front of the 6 syllable line, and can be rhyme, alliteration or some other clever device to link the two words.  Couplets can alternate, so there are 2 main options indicated in the outline a below:
Option. 1:
Option 2:

Once Bitten – a Dizain poem

There is no houseguest quite like a spider!
She’ll spin her web, working throughout the night.
You might never know the pain inside her,
though she may try to share it with her bite.
Who is to say her sharing’s not polite,
and how can you know joy without sorrow?
There is no remedy you can borrow,
once by her venom you’ve been paralyzed!
Await the pleasure coming tomorrow —
you’ll find it sweeter than you realized.



Use 5 words from a random word generator.
(spider, sorrow, realized, houseguest, pleasure)


Dizain – a 10 line French poetic form, consisting of 110 line stanza, with 10 syllables per line, and an ABABBCCDCD rhyme scheme.


Witchcraft – an ovillejo poem

What magic makes my fever rise?
It’s your eyes!

What alchemy my heart beat trips?
Your hips!

How do you tempt me, charm me cruel?
I’m a fool!

You’ve lit a fire and fed it fuel!
You cause my soul to shake its wings —
my body does the wildest things!
It’s your eyes, your hips — I’m a fool!



OVILLEJO – a ten-line poem made up of 3 rhyming couplets, plus a quatrain. The first line of each couplet is an 8 syllable question, while the second corresponding lines are 2 to 3 syllable responses or echoes. The final quatrain is usually a redondilla, written in trochaic tetrameter. The final line of the quatrain combines lines 2, 4, and 6. The overall rhyme scheme is aa/bb/cc/cddc.


a (8 syllables)
a (2-3 syllables)

b (8 syllables)
b (2-3 syllables)

c (8 syllables)
c (2-3 syllables)

c (8 syllables) trochaic pentameter
d (8 syllables) trochaic pentameter
d (8 syllables) trochaic pentameter
c lines 2, 4, and 6 (8 syllables) trochaic pentameter


To My Several Loves

I have a non-exclusive heart and it beats to love more than one. I wouldn’t be surprised to find its voices are several, throbbing in a syncopated harmony.

When certain love songs come on the radio, I feel my chest tighten, my mouth stretches into a smile and I remember. Those memories are of more than one… they overlap and coexist in his oversized standing-room-only heart.

You see I’ve had so many first kisses first dances first make-up-make-out sessions, after first-lover’s-quarrels… I’ve loved in messy, muddy, mixed-up puddles and those who know my love and share it, are happy to celebrate the others. They understand that my love spills out into many cups.

Still, in this heart, oh my lover, are things that only belong to you. There are kisses in my mouth, hidden beneath my tongue, that are yours alone. I don’t touch anyone else the way I touch you — I cannot — because they are not you, and you are not them.

No relationship looks like ours, and that is as it should be. We are the only two who could build these memories and recall them fondly, in years to come.

There are plans, fantasies, wishes, and dreams only we two can share. There are no parts of me you to which you do not have free access — your key to my heart fits all the doors, and there are several keys.

At the same time there are things in me that only you can own, and I cherish them. I protect them like a fiercely monogamous lover — it is a dichotomy I cannot fully explain.



Give me your eyes
so I may see
from your perspective.
You take from me, mine
–so you won’t be blind.

Give me your heart,
so I may feel
it’s broken places.
You carry my heart–
let it bleed in your hands.

I’ve been beating fists
against your walls until
I’m numb and bloody.
Repenting the sins
of youth in my old age.

Forgiveness must be
in a closet somewhere
with a rusty lock
and a long lost key
in a forgotten hallway.

It could save our souls.
But my prayers pool
in blood on the floor,
and you’ve taken
a vow of silence.




On days when my heart
feels like just shutting down
–I sit with the stillness,
make almost no sound.

On days when my heart
feels like locking its doors
–I wear your old t-shirts
and sit on my floors.

On days when my heart
feels like going to ground
–I breathe in the earth and
I feel it’s heart pound.

On days when my heart
feels like it’s fighting wars
–I let my tears carry
me back to your shores.