Three Notes on Love


Sometimes love happens
in small ways
a smile
a touch
a conversation

Like a handful
of heart-shaped candy
a paper valentine
you’re offered something
to connect hearts
by a thin, red thread

If you’re willing
to risk
to trust
love blooms…
a cluster of petals
tinged with color

Sometimes love happens
in great big ways
a confession
a commitment
a lifetime

Like a forest
of hundred-year trees
a worldwide, forty-day rain
you find yourself
forever changed
bound to another
by thousands of crimson threads

For your willingness
to trust
even when
it wounds your soul
love soars…
a million feathers rise
ink-black on the wind
to write forever
across the sky

I’ve woven myself
a cloak of love
of countless
carmine spools
bright and warm

I wrap myself
against the winter
whisper a prayer
into the night

For lovers
down every road –
a song of gratitude
an incantation

May each of you ever
spin these threads
that bind us
may a handful
at the very least
lead you back
to me