Be Still


“But as I lay there, it only seemed like silence filling my ears. And the thing was, it was so freaking loud.” ― Sarah Dessen,  Just Listen

There are seasons when to be still demands immeasurably higher strength than to act.” ― Margaret Bottome


no matter the rumors
you hear on the wind
or the way the sun rises
after a long, cold night

silence keeps no schedule
will not publish results
does not measure how long
until it will be broken

like an egg, tumbled
down from a wall
no barrier can contain
the mess, and no king

no horse or man can
reassemble in the morning
a shattered quiet
too soon urged to speak


The exercise is to create a poem using a set number of given words.  My seven words:  rumor, schedule, messbarrierresultmeasure, and shift.
My source for these is the @baffled #HaikuChallenge: (words for 2/24-3/2)