Turning Pages

The first page slips by quickly-
I miss the street name
where the yellow house sits
middle of the little road.

I miss the name of the sister,
pressing nose against the window,
as rain is washing the glass.

My damp fingers
flip back
check again,
wave hello
to Diane
at 239 Cincinnati


But the last page shimmers,
suspended on the horizon-
a late summer sunset turning
each new page
the color of honey.

sounds and smells and sights
are richer-
sweeter, as night falls,

I slow my pace to savor,
watch it set
and light the story ablaze

The night air is thick
with sugary wisps of smoke,
words slowly burning out
at the end of the book.

Prompt #1 of the April 2014 Writer’s Digest Poem-A-Day Challenge

“As luck would have it, today is a Tuesday, which means we’re facing a “Two-for-Tuesday” prompt. For folks new to the challenge, you can choose one prompt, write to both, or try to mix them together in one poem. Here are the prompts:

“Write a beginning poem. Today is the beginning of this challenge. It’s also the beginning of April. But there are so many other beginnings: Beginning of a relationship, beginning of school, beginning of the rest of your life, and so on. Pick a beginning to write about.

“Write an ending poem. Often, though not always, beginnings come as the result of an ending. Sometimes endings are cause for disappointment, heartbreak, or numbness. Other times, endings are celebrated. Capture an ending today.”

Link to the prompt:

2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 1