Your break-up letter
cracked like ice
in my trembling hands,
bit my fingertips
like winter’s frost,
and froze my soul.

The ink, the paper,
the stamped envelope,
crumbled to snow
against my breasts.
I’m too cold, even
to thaw my tears.

You are now the winter
of my discontent.
I stare out my window
at spring’s bright sun,
hold my breath and pray
for the coming thaw.

Prompt #3 of the April 2014 Writer’s Digest Poem-A-Day Challenge

“For today’s prompt, write a message poem. Messages can be delivered in a variety of ways: postcard, e-mail, text message, letter in a bottle, smoke signals, secret codes, jumbotron proposals, etc. Also, messages themselves can be simple, complicated, nice, mean, happy, sad, and so on. Get at it!”

Link to the prompt: