Love Arriving, Love Leaving


Your love came in like a lamb:
light-footed, and playful
curled against me for warmth
all tangled and matted wool

Your love went out like a lion:
roaring and breaking windows
angry at such a deep wound.
No, wait — that was me.

That was my passion, spilling out
staining the bedding with tears
and the floor with blood.
Your love went out, like it came in.


For today’s prompt, we actually have a Two-for-Tuesday prompt:

Write a love poem. Love, it’s such a big 4-letter word that can mean so much to so many for a variety of interpretations. Friendly love, sexual love, dorky love, all-encompassing love, jealous love, anxious love, love beaten with a baseball bat, hot love, big love, blues love, greeting card love, forgiving love, greedy love, love in a music video, and so on and so forth.

Write an anti-love poem. Well, kinda like love, but take it back the other way.