Raven’s Flight (a sestina)


I just want to stretch my wings
and float on the air of the night.
Here I stand, face to the moon
wishing I were more clever,
and could find my way to freedom —
a flight to carry me past the trees.

You make your throne in this tree,
sit majestic with ebony wings.
You wear the mantle of freedom
and rule the skies of the night.
No other creature so clever
lives under the silver moon.

I spy a girl’s face in the moon,
as I lean into your great tree.
Her smile is wicked and clever,
and I long for ebony wings —
so I could fly beyond this night,
and whisper to her of my freedom.

I have always admired your freedom,
your silhouette before the moon.
Your feathers as dark as this night,
I barely see, perched in this tree.
Stretch your beautiful black wings.
I hope I’m at least half as clever,

as you, sister raven, so clever.
All others will stretch their wings,
join in the flying dance of freedom,
beneath this night’s full moon.
Alone, I will sit at this tree
my face turned up to the night.

I’ll sit beside the black night,
with toes tapping to melody, clever,
at the base of celebration tree.
While night creatures toast their freedom,
beneath this night’s full moon,
I’ll fall asleep imagining my wings.

Dreaming of great wide wings, black as the air of night,
I’ll climb to my sister the moon, whispering secrets so clever.
She’ll speak the spell of freedom; I’ll take flight from this tree.


For today’s prompt, write an animal poem. Pick a specific animal or write about your animal spirit. Maybe you’ll get tricky and write about mustangs (meaning the car) or jaguars (meaning the American football team). Maybe you’ll do an acrostic, or even go crazy and write a sestina (crickets).


Sestina: You pick 6 words, rotate them as the end words in 6 stanzas and then include 2 per of the words per line in your final stanza.