Guest Poet – Freckles of Fire


An anonymous fellow poet shared his sexy work with me a few weeks ago; I’m thrilled to share his words here.

Sunbeams have touched
Where my lips desire
And left their marks
For me to pyre

Connecting the dots
In a lover’s game
Freckles of fire
Calling my name.

I kiss you here
And kiss you there
The lustful sun
Has shown me where

Funny how spots
Made from a star
Makes me wander
And go so afar

-XX 2015



Significance on the Wind – Instagram poetry (a lai poem)


Significance on the Wind

such a cold Wednesday
windy, dark and gray
in March

so a curious jay
perched in fine display
o’er arch

pale pastel bouquet
sent it’s scent my way
a larch


(for Emy)

(provided words:  curious, Wednesday, pastel, significance)

@ConnorPenelope on Instagram



lai – 9-line poem or stanza that uses AB rhyme with this pattern: AABAABAAB. A lines use 5 syllables, B lines have 2.

Sea Nymph – Instagram poetry


Sea Nymph

She dances with dolphins.
With glee, she skips and grins under
a sky bright with wonder.
She does not fear thunder or rain.
She dances through her pain.
She knows the sun, again will shine.
The hurt cannot define
her dance.  She’ll be just fine. She spins.


(for Deborah-Anne)

(provided words:  dolphins, sunshine, rain, thunder)

@ConnorPenelope on Instagram



luc bat –   (vietnamese “six-eight”) Alternating lines of 6 and 8 syllables. The rhyme scheme renews at the end of every 8-syllable line and rhymes on the 6th syllable of both lines: xxxxxA, xxxxxAxB, xxxxxB, xxxxxBxC, xxxxxC, xxxxxCxD, xxxxxD, xxxxxDxE. No set length or subject matter.

Nonsense Rain – Instagram poetry

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I watch storm clouds darken the sky
through my kitchen window pane as
far-off lightning tingles across my skin

my teacup cools on the tablecloth
and my pencil skitters over this page
the paper is old, so old, smells of ocean

of starfish and barefooted souls
dancing with unicorns and hippos
in the branches of ancient trees

my skittish thoughts dance their jig
and I can’t keep trying to wrangle words
that won’t queue on a parched, yellow page

perhaps the hour has come for waltzing
for slipping off shoes in the sea-grass
to dance with the wind in a nonsense rain


(for Em)

(provided words: lightning, hippos, unicorns, old old paper, ancient trees, barefooted souls, starfish, kitchen tables and tea)

@ConnorPenelope on Instagram

Unfinished – Instagram poetry

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Today my heart is like the sea,
and you may be the tugging moon.
With just a smile, you pull a thread,
unravel me a little bit.
I am a story, half untold —
a song I cannot sing aloud.
One day the blackbird will return
and lend his ink to end my tale.


(for Charlotte)

(provided words: sea, bird, smile, sing, story)

@ConnorPenelope on Instagram

Your Indecision – Instagram Poetry (a cento poem)

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I’m not the girl to just cry wolf.
You question everything — and nothing.
We both wonder — and wander,
as free as the wind in the tree.
You are the moon and I, the magnetic sea;
will you get lost in the mystery of me?
Like a traveling gypsy have you found
a desirable home for the night ahead?

You stare into my eyes a little too much,

for I am the question mark — the answer.
If walls spoke mine would whisper.
Raised in a garden, I grew up a wildflower.

I am a wildfire — and you may well be

the matchstick that sets me off.
Have you ever pressed your lips to a flame
I can make you feel like a moth.
Like a loose thread waiting to be pulled,
you taunt me, hanging in your indecision.
Yes, my chaos is loud, but I don’t know
how to live (or love) any other way.



A poem composed of lines from other poets’ poems.

THANK YOU TO – #poetsofinstagram:
@ntrldisaster, @romance_blows, @soulsandstardust, @ghoshbaba, @a.cup.full.of.poems, @inthegardenwild, @vav.ava, @imlightbulb, @momentsgone91221, @craig.t.rudge, @highpoetssociety, @papercrumbs, @wanderlustpoet, @tdj.poetry, @jbsuperman


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Your Name — Instagram poetry (a quatern)

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I’ve made an incantation of your name,
whispered it softly on a spring warm wind.
My body aches, cries for your weight again.
I’ve conjured raging storms to bring you in.

Winter has kept us two lovers estranged.
I’ve made an incantation of your name.
I’ve watched the skies, I’m waiting for a change.
I’ve raised my trembling hands within the henge.

My beating heart won’t slow its frantic pace.
My shuttered eyes are haunted by your face.
I’ve made an incantation of your name.
Tell me are gathering clouds my saving grace?

Just why my soul wants yours I can’t explain.
I’m twisted on the wind, a weather vane.
You make me sigh aloud and pray for rain.
I’ve made an incantation of your name.


@ConnorPenelope on Instagram

POETIC FORM: Quatern – 16 lines broken into 4 quatrains. Each line has 8 syllables. 1st line is refrain. In 2nd stanza, refrain appears in 2nd line; 3rd stanza, 3rd line; 4th stanza, 4th (and final) line. No rhyme scheme.

Guest Poet

Businessman writing in an accounting ledger

One of my long distance lovers has taken to writing poetry, in an effort to connect with me. He’s a math-brained, smart and nerdy kind of fellow — which I find incredibly sexy –and I adore him very much. I’ve previously featured his work here, and here.

I am intrigued by the way he approaches poetic forms, first the shardorma, fitting syllables into structured lines with care. I’ve been sending him new forms to try, like the tanka and the cinquain. He recently told me he’s come up with his own formula, and likes it very much.

There are five lines per stanza, with a break-line between each stanza. Not only can you read straight through, but each line of a stanza also forms a stanza for a secondary poem when combined with the corresponding lines of the stanzas that follow — first lines of each stanza are combined, as are lines two, three, four and five, to form a separate poem:

Two of his examples are featured here, in a form I’ll call accountant-poetry:


You see
kind and loving,
handsome blue-eyed mann
noble, strong, protective and smart —
your love.

Every facet is me.

I see
average man,
polyamourous and rebuilding —
a man.

Every facet is me.

They see
bearded wife-betrayer,
unjust, weak, neglectful and rash —
a fool.



you see
I see
they see

kind and loving

handsome blue-eyed man
average man
bearded wife betrayer

noble, strong, protective and smart
polyamourous and rebuilding
unjust, weak, neglectful and rash

your love
a man
a fool

every facet is me
every facet is me



yes Sir
gift of service
to give of body, mind, soul
a longing to be of service
good girl.

Service is the strength to surrender but not be lost to another.

my girl
need and want meet
to focus loves and lusts
we share the two sides of a coin
I lead

Leadership is bending one’s wants to another’s boundary.

want obedience
to protect and nurture
a need to be followed
Sir’s pride



yes Sir
my girl

gift of service
need and want meet
want obedience

to give of body, mind, soul
to focus loves and lusts
to protect and nurture

a longing to be of service
we share the two sides of a coin
a need to be followed

good girl
I lead
Sir’s pride

Service is the strength to surrender
but not be lost to another.

Leadership is bending one’s wants
to another’s boundary.