My Nature


You may think it’s very strange
I do not long for the sun.
I can see your sad dismay,
though I don’t share your sorrow.

Keep your umbrella at hand.
Don your boots and watch the sky.
Call the weatherman to task,
when the forecast ruins your plans.

While you hope for summer days,
and this weather makes you frown,
know my soul aches for the clouds,
as my body craves the rain.

I’ve been wooed by thunder’s call
It’s my nature to be wet.
I grow restless in the calm,
because I have known the storm.



For today’s prompt, write a nature poem. For many poets, the first thing that may pop to mind includes birds, trees, waterfalls, rivers, and such. But there’s also human nature, nature vs. nurture, and other things natural, including natural selection and being a “natural” at something. Let your nature take it where it will today