What Do You See? (a remixing poem)

Do you see a future
as a medium?
I don’t know, do you?
What does that mean to you?

You don’t know what
tomorrow’s going to be like?
Is that what you mean?
If nobody heard it, did it happen?

It’s the effect?
So that was it?
Getting on the plane?
Can you imagine the ride west?

Do you remember?
What were your thoughts
when you saw him?
And what is it he said?

“What the fuck?”
Well, why not?
What am I complaining about?
I walked into that one, didn’t I?

Is that in your mind?
How will history remember?
And why should they?
What would you do?

Do you think we were surprised,
to find that the American Dream
was a nightclub, that had burned
down five years earlier?

A happy ending?
Was it there for people to find?

-Pen Connor 2015


POETIC FORM: A Remixing Poem
To earn the Interrogator badge, begin by selecting a source text of your choice. Copy down all of the questions it contains. Create a poem that’s a series of questions from the list you excerpted. Credit your source text at the bottom of your post.
PoMoSco (Poetry Month Scouts)
Found Poetry Review’s 2015 National Poetry Month Project
  • April 2015 – 213 poets joined together as a troop to earn digital merit badges for completing experimental and found poetry prompts.
  • Prompts are divided into five categories – remixing, erasure, out and about, conceptual and chance operation.
  • Each category offers six distinct badges to be earned.
  • Poets choose their own source text.
  • For more information, check out pomosco.com.
A dear friend and fabulous poet, Von Thompson,  is a participant. When she told me about the challenge, I decided to play along at home.
Writing on the Wall – an Interview with Hunter S. Thompson – The Atlantic Online (http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/unbound/graffiti/hunter.htm)