Storm-Tossed (a 108 word poem)


The moon has been pushing,
tugging my tides, of late.
My ship is tossed by a wild,
mercurial sea.

I relish these days, the fervor
and elation, but my soul longs
for the harbor that is you.

I’ve been watching brooding skies
checking charts and maps
–hoping to find my way
back to where you are.

Do you perhaps stand
at the shoreline, shining
a beacon to light
the way?

When I appear over the
the stormy horizon–
cast me a line?
Tow me to shore?

Gather me into your arms
— into your body?
Will you give me shelter,
and show me what
loving you can be?



108 Word Poem – Poetry challenge, inspired by The Quiet World, by Jeffrey McDaniel – If you could only write 108 words to your lover… (167 less 59) write a poem with exactly 108 words.