Cherry Bomb (an out-and-about poem)

cherry street hideaway

a favorite
dotted blue
scoop dress

filled to
half- hide
heaping hills

tossed over a bed
made this farmer’s
head shake

melted this
frozen heart

made red
cherry bomb


POETIC FORM: An out-and-about Poem



To earn the “Order’s Up” badge, visit your local restaurant, bar or coffee shop and snag a copy of the menu. Write a poem using only words and phrases found on the menu. Get a picture of yourself taken sitting in the location to post alongside your poem (selfies allowed for the less intrepid). Cite your restaurant, bar or coffee shop name and location at the bottom of your post.

PoMoSco (Poetry Month Scouts)
Found Poetry Review’s 2015 National Poetry Month Project

– April 2015 – 213 poets joined together as a troop to earn digital merit badges for completing experimental and found poetry prompts.
– Prompts are divided into five categories – remixing, erasure, out and about, conceptual and chance operation.
– Each category offers six distinct badges to be earned.
– Poets choose their own source text.
– For more information, check out

A dear friend and fabulous poet, Von Thompson, is a participant. When she told me about the challenge, I decided to play along at home.


SOURCE: The Hideaway (Hideaway Pizza), Cherry Street, Tulsa, OK