Brillig Nonsense (a chance operation poem)


jabberwocky1 (2)



Chortled borogroves,
Jabberwock galumphing
Jabberwock manxome

arms snicker through the outgrabe
whiffling, “Beware! ” Did wabe were blade
borogroves, long frabjous, went raths.

That bandersnatch back
—————–Callooh Tumtum
His sought stood brillig
————— Jabberwock

Mimsy outgrabe mome, dead Jubjub
and slain frumious two — that head with sword.
Toves burbled, did.

‘Twas all came and went
were through claws
and he gimble
——-— mimsy, slithy —
and the snack gimble.
‘Twas come uffish toves
———–catch rested time.

Callay and vorpal, through brillig thought,
stood tulgey, and took, and slithy mome.
Hand thou flame, and jaws the thought!

He beamish wood, with the vorpal and eyes,
gyre and wabe awhile all raths
Boy, beware to shun the gyre!

So by the came of he the one
My, my — bite one
———–— the joy!

And the to bird tree left his day.
In foe, the in, the hast, the O
————————My son.



POETIC FORM: A Chance Operation Poem





To earn the “Shake It Up” badge, follow the mandate ofTristanTzara in “How to MakeaDadaist Poem” ( to create a cut-up poem. Start by  cutting out desired words or phrases from a source text, and put them in a paper bag or other container. Shake the container to mix up the words, then pull them out one by one. Place them on the table in the order you draw them to create your poem — no removing or reordering words permitted. Post your poem — or a picture of your cut-up if possible — on the site, along with a source text citation.


PoMoSco (Poetry Month Scouts)
Found Poetry Review’s 2015 National Poetry Month Project

– April 2015 – 213 poets joined together as a troop to earn digital merit badges for completing experimental and found poetry prompts.
– Prompts are divided into five categories – remixing, erasure, out and about, conceptual and chance operation.
– Each category offers six distinct badges to be earned.
– Poets choose their own source text.
– For more information, check out

A dear friend and fabulous poet, Von Thompson,  is a participant. When she told me about the challenge, I decided to play along at home.



Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll