Serendipity (a luc bat poem)


You say things that make me
hold my breath — do you see? I’m struck!
I can’t believe my luck.
My thoughts they run amok, they fly!
That you’d love such as I —
the thought my tongue does tie in knots.
Your words steal all my thoughts.
The wonder love has wrought
cannot be sold or bought.
It comes when we’ve forgot — it’s free.
luc bat – (vietnamese “six-eight”) Alternating lines of 6 and 8 syllables. The rhyme scheme renews at the end of every 8-syllable line and rhymes on the 6th syllable of both lines: xxxxxA, xxxxxAxB, xxxxxB, xxxxxBxC, xxxxxC, xxxxxCxD, xxxxxD, xxxxxDxE. No set length or subject matter.
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