My Plea

will you look into my eyes
— plunge the depths,
without looking away?
Can you see me?
Will you hurt me,
if I ask you to?

Can you find your teeth
and tear my flesh,
make me bleed–
silence the voices
in my head,
quiet the jangling
of my heart?

Will you draw from me
cries of pain,
tears of relief —
as though my body
were a well?

Can you scare me–
loose your growl,
rake your claws
into my skin?

Will you watch me
while I tremble,
watch me cringe,
as my mouth opens wide,
spills out screams
of agony?

Can you paint–
my flesh your canvas–
with strips of leather,
with sharpened steel,
with fingers dipped
into my blood?

Will you feed your hunger
with these things,
and find your way
in the darkness
–with me?