Sleepy – (Junk Mail) a #NaPoMo #IMPROMPTU poem


Toves don’t know about wabe
but when borogroves wake up
in the momeraths, my Jabberwock
are totally unable to open fully.



Hi Penelope…

I don’t know about you but when I wake up in the morning my eyes are totally unable to open fully.  It didn’t use to be that way but now that I am older some things just don’t work as well as they used to.  Know what I mean?

But this has been a blessing in disguise for me and whether you are the same or not, the lessons I learned from it has been a source of motivation for me and will, for sure and for certain, be one for you.

These lessons can be summarized in the 3 questions I ask myself every day…

SECOND SOURCE: Jabberwockey – by Lewis Carroll

Found Poetry Review (FPR) Challenge – IMPROMPTU #2 – Guest Poet Collier Nogues offered a “Junk Mail” prompt. Check Out the Post here:


DAY 2 – Collier Nogues

You can start with any piece of junk mail or advertising, or any legal document or bureaucratic form (it’s tax time!).

  1. Choose a few sentences.
  2.  Remove the nouns.
  3. Replace them with, words from a poem you’ve abandoned, words from one or more poems you love (by anyone, yourself included), or any other source that works.
  4.  From there, work what you’ve got into a poem.