Doodle (a #NaPoMo #APRPAD rondeau poem)


Let the ink and paper tangle.
Watch the black lines dance on the page
— Fred and Ginger on a blank stage —
twist and turn at every angle.

See that flourish? Watch it dangle,
like a tiger loosed from its cage.
See how ink and paper tangle,
As the black lines leap on the page?

It’s all noise, all bass and jangle–
scattered joy and unbridled rage,
stolen from the battles we wage.
Come and play and don’t act your age.
Watch the ink and paper tangle.



Poetic Asides #April Poem-A-Day Challenge – PAD #8:

For today’s prompt, write a doodle poem. In my mind, I’m thinking of how I like to doodle when I’m talking on the phone or sitting in a meeting. I used to doodle in my classes when I was younger. So for a poem, I’m thinking this could start off as something small that stays small or builds to epic proportions. Doodle around a bit today. If needed, start by describing something close at hand or within your current field of vision.


The poetic form focus for my PAD 2016 Challenge is the Rondeau — 13 lines in 3 stanzas; rhyme scheme: ABba/abAB/abbaA (uppercase letters are refrains) Usually 8 syllables per line. For info: