Let Me Lie (a #NaPoMo #APRPAD freeform poem)

“Roots,” by Frida Kahlo

let me just lie down
here in the grass
pull this dirt
and these rocks
over my aching
I will water myself
with these tears
I’m so very tired
of this desert day
let me lie here
like a seed
but don’t ask me
to grow just now
to break open
my heart or push
beyond this blanket
of dark earth
let me just lie
to myself for today
I’ll rise up tomorrow
and reach for the sky


Poetic Asides #April Poem-A-Day Challenge – PAD #6:

For today’s prompt, write an ekphrastic poem. An ekphrastic poem is a poem inspired by art. You can pick your own favorite piece of art if you wish. Or you can use one of the examples below:

1. Michelangelo’s First Painting
2. “Roots,” by Frida Kahlo
3. “Age of Love,” by Alfons Mucha