VACATION REPOST – The Wall I Wasn’t Seeking (a rondel poem)

It’s summer here in my little corner of the world, and I’m on vacation. I’m headed to an island, with my paints and my pens and my Bear! So over the next several days, I’ll be reposting favorites:


You may be the boulder, below
and the wall I wasn’t seeking.
I perhaps am the poem speaking
these rhymes which you do not yet know.

You may be the wind, howling low,
and I, the tree branches creaking.
You may be the boulder below
and the wall I wasn’t seeking.
I hear distant calls from the crow
as the moon through clouds is peeking, 
I do have a growing feeling.
Though I honestly don’t yet know,
you may be the boulder below.



A French form, similar to the rondeau and the triolet, consisting of 13 eight-syllable lines in three stanzas.

Rhyme scheme = ABba/abAB/abbaA