VACATION REPOST – I Remember – a Golden Shovel poem

It’s summer here in my little corner of the world, and I’m on vacation. I’m headed to an island, with my paints and my pens and my Bear! So over the next several days, I’ll be reposting favorites:



I remember when you told me this
when your body’s heat warmed my body’s
chill: when I said to you, “I am a mess, but yours.”
You pulled me close and loved me — yes, and
I remember when you told me this
“My shoulders are wide enough and my body’s
strong.” You said you would carry this mess of mine.
You promised me then. I still believe. I trust your 
words — and I am yours. My body and my mess
they fit with you. I know that your love, it is 
for me. Your shoulders, strength and body, are mine.



golden shovel – Take a line (or lines) from a poem you like. Use each word as an end word in your poem. Keep the end words in order. Credit the original poet, ie. “-after (poet)”.


For today’s prompt, write a memory poem.
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