VACATION REPOST – Sinner – a Golden Shovel poem

It’s summer here in my little corner of the world, and I’m on vacation. I’m headed to an island, with my paints and my pens and my Bear! So over the next several days, I’ll be reposting favorites:



It’s four o’clock in the morning,
know the hour, before I wake.
The beating of my heart, at 
this familiar darkness will be the 
penance to open my eyes — the first 
groaning prayer of my day. I won’t cringe. 
I shall not moan over tired bones or lack of 
sleep, I’ll flood this night-filled morning 
with words, kneel before it with ache and 
ink. I’ll spill this blood to write my 
pain across the sacred page, until my heart’s 
low hymn becomes an echo — already
chanting, rhythmic cries of sins I’ve sinned. 



golden shovel – Take a line (or lines) from a poem you like. Use each word as an end word in your poem. Keep the end words in order. Credit the original poet, ie. “-after (poet)”.


For today’s prompt, write a mistake poem.

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