It’s summer here in my little corner of the world, and I’m on vacation. I’m headed to an island, with my paints and my pens and my Bear! So over the next several days, I’ll be reposting favorites:



When I said I love you–
I meant I love your easy laughter.
It’s the perfect soundtrack for the way
your eyes make my heart shake it’s wings.

When I said I love you–
I meant I love the way you walk,
the curious questions you ask me,
the heat before your fingers find my skin.

I love the you that you offer me–
your stories, your wonder, your fears,
the sound of my name in your mouth,
the echoes of your faltering breath.

I’ve known love long enough to recognize
the tone in her voice, scent of her perfume.
I welcome her summer magic like fireflies!
I know this is new, like a sudden rain, but–

I love the road we’re on, and it’s direction,
the journey of possibility in every step.
I love the chance we’re taking and
how your hand finds mine like a kiss.

When I say I love you–
It’s not a question, not a plea,
not a prediction for the future,
–just a pure celebration of today!

When I say I love you–
and I will again– it’s a key,
to unlock hope, a moment of
childlike joy, an invitation to fly.