Run – a November Poem-A-Day Challenge – Diminishing Somonka

It’s a game of chase!
Night echoes with primal cries.
Can you feel blood race?
When the moon is on the rise —
there’s a wolf behind your eyes! 
There is only one
urge that burns beneath my skin–
(When I tell you… RUN!)
–instinct shared by all wolf kin,
bare my teeth to taste your skin!
For today’s prompt, write an activity poem. Of course, the first activity that springs to my mind is writing poetry, but there are many other possible activities from which to choose: running, driving, folding clothes, tying knots, casting lines, dancing, sleeping, and so much more. Pick an activity and write it out.



Diminishing Somonka
A form I created by marrying the Somonka and Diminishing Verse poetic forms:
  • two Tankas (5-7-5-7-7), written as two love letters to each other.
  • remove the first letter of the end word in each successive 7 syllable line.
Variation: Poets can remove sounds if they wish like “flies” to “lies” to “eyes.”