Dance in Chaotic Grace

frozen cherry tree






Bitter winter wind
whispers cruel against the light,
discontent with change—
“Too hard, too scary, too much.”
—stubborn, frightened, balks at growth.

These branches will stretch.
This icy grip must give way,
cannot hold back spring.
This tree must divide and bloom—
must dance in chaotic grace.



A Japanese form, somonkas are comprised of 2 tankas written as love letters to each other (1 tanka per), usually 2 authors, or 1 poet taking  on 2 personas.  Tankas are 5-line poems, (If a haiku is 5/7/5 syllable distribution for a tanka is 5,7,5,7,7). A more correct interpretation of this form is 3 short lines (lines 2, 4, 5) and 2 very short lines (lines 1 and 3). While imagery is still important, tanka is more conversational than haiku. It allowing for metaphor and personification.

Two Men and a Bird


I’ve long been a caged bird, tethered
to your fears, straining to fly.
and he, dark winged man of night
came to open the door, whispered
in his strange and familiar tongue
I soared to such heights, I trembled

until …

seeing panic painted on your face
he drew an arrow and clipped my wings
caught me falling, and breathed
apologies into my ear, while my heart nearly burst from my chest,
sent me back to your waiting cage.

how can you not know,
I will always fly home to you?