New Feathers – A Quatern Poem

I hope to fly, perhaps I’ll fall.
I’ve got new feather’s coming in.
They strain my shoulders, itch my skin.
I feel off balance, wearing thin.
It’s a growing season, you see?
I hope to fly, perhaps I’ll fall.
and no one knows it more than me.
This life is not always carefree.
We each must stretch, must reach and grow.
Although difficult winds may blow–
I hope to fly, perhaps I’ll fall.
The struggle’s worth it all, I know.
Before I leap, I understand–
I’ve got you here, to hold my hand.
I’ll make the jump, as I have planned.
I hope to fly, perhaps I’ll fall.
A quatern is 16 lines broken into 4 quatrains. Each line has 8 syllables. 1st line is refrain. In 2nd stanza, refrain appears in 2nd line; 3rd stanza, 3rd line; 4th stanza, 4th (and final) line. No rhyme scheme.


Her Eyes (a Triolet)


There are galaxies in her eyes,
and gazing into, them I fall —
like spinning across the night skies.
There are galaxies in her eyes.
I find myself there, with surprise,
in eyes potent enough to enthrall.
There are galaxies in her eyes,
and gazing into them, I fall.


An 8 line poem. The first line of the poem is used 3 times and the second line is used twice. There are only 3 other lines to write: 2 rhyme with the first line, the other rhymes with the second line.


A (first line)
B (second line)
a (rhymes with first line)
A (repeat first line)
a (rhymes with first line)
b (rhymes with second line)
A (repeat first line)
B (repeat second line)

Two Men and a Bird


I’ve long been a caged bird, tethered
to your fears, straining to fly.
and he, dark winged man of night
came to open the door, whispered
in his strange and familiar tongue
I soared to such heights, I trembled

until …

seeing panic painted on your face
he drew an arrow and clipped my wings
caught me falling, and breathed
apologies into my ear, while my heart nearly burst from my chest,
sent me back to your waiting cage.

how can you not know,
I will always fly home to you?