August 2015 – a November Poem-A-Day Challenge – Diminishing Somonka

That night my world shook!
Your eyes met mine like a spear!
What a chance I took–
felt like jumping off a pier!
Your answer rings in my ear.
You shook me awake!
Oh, to see your lipstick smear–
unquenchable ache,
fueled by your smile, which was mere!
Your question rings in my ear.
For today’s prompt, pick a month (any month), make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible months include January, February, March, (cruel) April, May, June, or even July, August, September, October, November, and December. Yes, there are 12 possible months; choose well, or write 12 poems (yes, I’ve thrown down the challenge within today’s challenge).



Diminishing Somonka
A form I created by marrying the Somonka and Diminishing Verse poetic forms:
  • two Tankas (5-7-5-7-7), written as two love letters to each other.
  • remove the first letter of the end word in each successive 7 syllable line.
Variation: Poets can remove sounds if they wish like “flies” to “lies” to “eyes.”

Hungry Moon (a #NaPoMo #APRPAD poem)



that first meal we shared
at a full moon table with
silent dueling pianos
your blue wolf eyes
across the narrow table
nervous smile dancing
over a barely touched
plate of french fries

the waitress laughed
as at her question
you insisted on paying
we could not swallow
more than a few bites
but as you held my hand
I was so hungry the world
could see it on my face

the full moon closed
within days — for weeks
I wondered to myself
what that might mean
now I know, that night
you left that place with
the moon on your arm



Poetic Asides #April Poem-A-Day Challenge – PAD #16:

For today’s prompt, write a poem about (or at) a food establishment. You could pick on a chain like Taco Bell or McDonald’s, sure, but maybe there’s a local favorite–or some special dive. Heck, maybe that place where you took your first date or got your first job. Have fun with it, and if you need to do a little research, go out for something to eat.