Coffee – a haiku sonnet poem

the smell of morning
wakes me from sleep at her side
grounds for a new day

some days are two cups
sipped slowly in the quiet
beneath still- tired eyes

some begin with four
beating hearts, four pairs of hands
wrapped around warm mugs

some I sip alone
dawn to dusk in my silence
love’s taste lingering

my life — like my cup
brimming full and sweet



Haiku Sonnet – a 14-line poetic form consisting of four 3-line haiku plus a couplet of either five or 7 syllables per line. Similarly, a sonnet is made up of fourteen lines.
VARIATION: write fourteen 1-line haiku




Advice for Travelers


The road away from your door
will always sing a siren song.
There’s no use resisting.
So load your guitar and two
extra tires onto your bicycle.

You may miss your chance
to climb the distant tower,
but slip a stone into your pocket,
and you’ll find the right path–
one step and rock at a time.

Trees will no doubt invite you
to gaze into a magic mirror,
and renew some old promises.
Listen to the voice with the map —
it will nudge in the right direction.

Follow wings that swim circles,
and you may dance on the sand.
with an enchanting water-witch
–wet your bare toes in the scent
of rain on the summer wind.

When your bohemian feet grow tired,
gather up four corners of your heart.
Shake tangled doubt from your hair.
When you hear rhapsody on the road,
trust your voice to sing you home.



Good Morning, Gorgeous

boots truck (2)

Good morning, gorgeous!
Your day is waiting for you–
see the way the morning sun
wraps her arms around you,
and the coffee in your cup
spills out laughter with you?

Grab your boots, put them on
They are waiting too —
to give your feet direction,
foundation for standing strong.

Look! The road ahead unravels
offering purpose and adventure,
while the wind lends you music
to sing you there and back again.

Good morning, beautiful!
The world waits for you–
Go and be amazing, please!
And when your work is done
your compass heart is waiting too
–she’ll lead you right back home.






There is a peace
here in your eyes
with your hand
in mine and your
smile reaching
out for me.
There is a belonging
with my head
on your shoulder,
your voice in my ear.
There is a place for me
and I am home,
when you are near.