Every Holy Electric Jolt



I want to watch your expression
painted with pleasure,
as your body moves over mine,
pushing further and further
along that hard edge of self-control
— until you explode into
a billion tiny points of neon light.
I want to see every shudder
and every holy electric jolt
written in your eyes.
I want to catch every part
of you as you float back
to earth like the bits and pieces
of last night’s fireworks.
I want to hold you until you
knit yourself together again.



To Touch

Photo Credit: Collaborative Art by Cara Thayer & Louie Van – http://goo.gl/pmrEHY

I want to touch you —
everywhere —
to explore until
my fingers are inked
by both your darkness
and your light,
until every
creative thing
I set my hands to
is stained and textured
by the combination
of your hues and
the distinctive whorls
of my fingerprints.